FHLB Small Business Recovery Grant Eligibility Requirements

Eligible Recipients:

  • Rochester Metro area businesses/non-profits.
  • Must have suffered a documented 25% decrease in revenue due to COVID-19.  We will need to compare a 60-day period after March 1, 2020 with the same 60-day period in 2019. Your REVENUE (not net income) in 2020 will have to be at least 25% less than it was in 2019 for the chosen period.
  • Business is either: currently operating or is supporting its employees while temporarily closed for business, or will use grant funds to resume operations.

Eligible Uses of Funds Include:

  • Personnel costs related to COVID-19, including payroll and benefits obligations jeopardized by lost revenue, or hiring temporary staff to cover shortages caused by employees who are ill, may have to quarantine, or stay home to care for family members or children during school closures.
  • Equipment to comply with public health measures designed to slow the spread of COVID-19.
  • Working capital for costs including but not limited to inventory, equipment, business compliance, licensing renewal, utilities, business capacity, legal, financial services, rent, insurance, business taxes, and supplies.
  • Payments on existing or new debt so the organization can support its employees and/or continued operation.

Contact Monique Marollo at pooc.eeseneg@euqinomor 585-746-2230 X117 for more information.

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