PPP Loan Forgiveness

If your PPP loan amount was less than $150,000, you can use the forgiveness Form 3508S (unless your business has a contract or agreement of affiliation with other businesses and the PPP loan total across all affiliates is greater than $2 million).

Among other things, you will be asked to certifiy that:

  • The amount requested:

    • is not greater than the PPP loan amount

    • was used to cover eligible costs for forgiveness

    • includes eligible payroll costs of at least 60% of the loan forgiveness amount, and

    • was used within the covered period

  • The information provided in the application and supporting documentation is true

  • Any tax documents provided are accurate and consistent with what has been or will be provided to the IRS

While it is not required that you submit supporting documents at the time you apply, additional information may be requested by the SBA at any time. All records relating to the PPP loan must be kept for at least six years after the loan is either forgiven or paid off.  By submitting a forgiveness application, you are permitting the SBA to request any of these documents at any time during those six years.

You may apply for forgiveness for eligible expenses incurred over the stated 8 to 24 week period, starting from the day you receive your PPP loan. 

Start the application here.

Once you are at the forgivenss site, use the guides below to assist you in the process.  The information you enter here must match the data on the loan when it was submitted to the SBA. If you have trouble, reach out to the Borrower Support Team through the chat, or pooc.eeseneg@euqinom

Guide to PPP Loan Forgiveness under 150K - Form 3508S (1,135.88 KB)

Use this guide to assist you in the forgiveness process if your loan is under $150,000.

Adding a Second Draw PPP Loan to Your Account (332.77 KB)

Learn how to start the forgiveness process for your 2nd draw PPP Loan.

Guide to PPP Loan Forgiveness over 150K - Form 3508 (1,650.76 KB)

Use this guide to assist you in the forgiveness process if your loan is over $150,000.

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