ATM & Debit Card Services

ATM and Debit Card Services


Free ATM at the CU

  • We have a 24/7 ATM for cash withdrawals at the CU!
  • Withdrawals are FREE to members using their Genesee CO-OP FCU debit card.
  • For all other cards, the fee is $1.50.


VISA Debit Card

Our VISA Check Card works just like cash. Use it at any merchant displaying the VISA logo and your payment will be automatically deducted from your Genesee Co-op checking account. It also works as an ATM card, pulling double duty all over the world. Your credit union is pleased to announce the addition of the Coop Network to our debit card program.

Fraud Alerts

If you have a debit card, our automated fraud protection system called Falcon works in the background to help stop transactions. If the system thinks a transaction is fraudulent, you will receive a notification via text and/or phone call. You will receive automated notifications in the following order if there is no response. 

1. A text message to the home number on file with us (if this is your mobile number a text will work)

3. A phone call to the home number on file with us

You can opt out via text message but you will need to call or email the credit union to opt back in to text message alerts. 

Is Your VISA Debit Card LOST or STOLEN?

To report your debit card lost or stolen or suspect fraudulent activity, please immediately call: 1-888-241-2510. Thank You!


Looking for an ATM for Only a $1 Surcharge Fee?

If you send a text to MyCoop (692667) with your zip or address in the message, you will receive the three closest ATM locations that will not have a surcharge fee. You will still pay $1 for the ATM withdrawal to help cover the cost charged to Genesee Co-op. But that is much cheaper than paying a $2.50 or $3.50 surcharge at many banks and ATM outlets. With nearly 30,000 locations in the US, there is likely to be a CO-OP Network ATM near you. Just send your zip code, address or cross streets to MyCoop (692667) to have the 3 nearest CO-OP ATM's sent to your mobile phone.


Debit Card Guide

Follow these simple hints to get the most from your Debit Card:

  • If your Debit Card is lost or stolen call 1-888-241-2510 as soon as possible.
  • Keep your card in a safe place. Know where it is AT ALL TIMES!
  • When you receive your new or re-issued card, please be sure to activate it promptly. If you do not activate within 30 days, you should contact the CU as we may have put a hold on the card to protect it from being lost or stolen.
  • Do not write your PIN number on the card or keep it with the card.
  • When using your Debit Card for purchases, please select CREDIT for the card type. This is helpful to the credit union, as we receive income to cover our costs.
  • Your Debit Card does work for PIN-based purchases if you select DEBIT as the card type. You will need to enter your PIN to obtain transaction approval.
  • The maximum daily number of Point of Sale (POS) purchase transactions is 10 and the maximum amount you can purchase is $5,000.
  • Record your ATM withdrawals and Debit Card purchases in your check register. While most transactions will clear instantly from your account, some transactions are approved for a small amount and take up to 32 hours to clear for the correct amount.
  • Each time your card is used, an authorization hold is placed against your available balance. These authorization holds may prevent you from making additional Debit Card purchases or cash withdrawals. An Overdraft Line-of-Credit may help you with situations where money is held by the vendor.
  • When using your card in foreign countries, the amount charged to your account will reflect the exchange rates and fees applicable at the time of posting. Please let us know if you will be traveling out of the country.

When at the ATM:

  • The maximum daily ATM cash withdrawal limit is $400. Some machines will have a lower limit.
  • With our switch to VISA, you can now check your balance at an ATM. Please remember that some transactions do not post instantly, so you will need to factor in gas, airline and or online transactions that you have done in the last 32 hours.
  • Look for the CO-OP, VISA, NYCE, or PLUS network logo.
  • You can select CHECKING or SAVINGS as the account type.
  • You may make transfers between your savings and share draft accounts using your debit card.
  • Remember, GCFCU charges a $1 fee for each ATM cash withdrawal unless you are using our ATM at the CU which is FREE. There may be an additional surcharge fee by the owner of the ATM. MOST local Credit Unions do not assess additional surcharges for other CU's.
  • There are almost 30,000 ATM's throughout the U.S. that are part of the CO-OP ATM network, which we have now joined. This means, there will only be the $1 ATM fee charged by us. There will be NO ADDITIONAL SURCHARGE at these ATM's.
  • MOST local Credit Unions do not assess additional surcharges for other CU's.
  • There is an additional $3.00 transaction fee at foreign ATM's.
  • Foreign purchase or ATM transactions are subject to a 1% Currency Conversion Fee.

Other Information:

  • Deposits left in the deposit drop safe will not be instantly available for use with your debit card. This may take a few hours.
  • If you believe a Debit Card transaction has been posted to your account in error or may be fraud, contact the Credit Union immediately.

Changing your PIN:

  • You can change your Debit Card pin number by calling 866-762-0558.
  • Follow the prompts. Your new PIN is effective immediately.
  • If you do not have the PIN reference number, contact us at the CU and we will help you obtain a new PIN mailer or reference number to change the PIN number.

Click to learn about Verified by Visa, protection for online purchases.


Be safe & secure — protect yourself from identity theft & fraud

  • Your Debit Card needs to be protected by you AT ALL TIMES. Please always know where it is and ensure that no one else is using it.
  • One type of Debit Card FRAUD is that employees at legitimate businesses take cards and swipe them through a "card reader." An employee could even be paid to do this. The card number is then sold or in effect "hacked."
  • There are also Skimming Devices that can be installed illegally on ATM machines. This is a counterfeit card reader or PIN reading camera to obtain the information needed to use the card fraudulently.
  • Your information can be stolen thru the following methods:
    • PHISHING — a bogus email requesting your personal information
    • VISHING — a computer or real voice requesting information
    • SMISHING — a text message requesting your personal information
    • SPYWARE — software installed on your computer without your consent to control or monitor your use
    • THEFT of YOUR MAIL — incoming and outgoing mail from your mailbox can be used for ID theft

Tips to Minimize Your Risk of Identity Theft & Fraud

  • DO NOT divulge personal information such as account number, social security number, date of birth, PIN #, Debit/Credit Card # to anyone unless necessary and NEVER RESPOND to a PHONE CALL or EMAIL requesting you to "VERIFY" YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION.
  • SHRED ALL DOCUMENTS with your personal/financial information on them prior to discarding them.
  • DO NOT PUT ITEMS IN YOUR MAILBOX — put them in postal box.
  • DO NOT WRITE YOUR NAME in your RETURN ADDRESS — use only the address.
  • TRY TO KEEP YOUR DEBIT CARD in sight when paying for purchases.

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LOST or STOLEN VISA Debit Card? Please call 1-888-241-2510.