Deposit Accounts

Genesee Co-op FCU offers a variety of deposit accounts including:

Basic Dividend Earning Share (SAVINGS) Accounts

Every member must open a Member Share savings account. The minimum balance is $5.00. We do not assess a low-balance service charge as long as the $5.00 minimum remains in the account.

Genesee Co-op FCU does pay dividends (interest) each quarter on the Member Share account when you maintain an average daily balance of $25 dollars or more. Click to see our current savings rates.

Statements are issued quarterly, unless the member has a Share Draft account which results in a monthly combined statement.

Earn 3% APR on the first $500 in Savings at the CU!!
We have a special incentive to encourage our members to use E-STATEMENTS

All member accounts with online banking E-Statements receive a 3.00% APR dividend on the first $500 in their Member Share account. This is our way of saying THANKS for helping us save money on postage, mailing costs and save trees as well!

This Service allows members to receive their statements via a secure internet connection. To sign up for this service please click the account login link in the upper right corner. After logging in to your account, click on Accounts and then Account Statements. The past three months statements are available.

First time users will need to accept the Terms of Service and provide an active email address for notifications that new statements are available. As stated in the credit union's privacy policy, the email address provided will not be shared with third parties unaffiliated with the credit union. Signing up for E-Statements means the CU will no longer mail a monthly or quarterly statement to you.

For your convenience the Terms of Service for using E-Statements are available by clicking here.


Other Services Available to Members with Active, Current Accounts

Genesee Co-op offers Check Cashing, Money Orders, Cashier's Checks, Domestic & International Wire transfers, Western Union Transfers, and accepts Direct Deposit of paychecks and government payments. Click here for information on Electronic Transfers.

We have a secure 24/7 Deposit Drop for the convenience of members.

24/7 access to your account information is available thru our secure Online Banking site and our 24/7 Telephone Banking system.

Click on the following links for a list of our current Fee Schedule.

Insurance for CU Members

All accounts at Genesee Co-op FCU are insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund.

Members holding Basic Dividend Earning Share Accounts are eligible for up to $1000 in Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance provided by the credit union.


Share Draft/Checking Accounts

Our Share Draft checking account has:

  • No minimum balance requirement
  • No per check charge

Direct Deposit and Automatic Withdrawal services are available, as well as automatic Overdraft Protection from up to 5 sub-accounts and an Overdraft Line-of-Credit.

Members can also apply for the Visa Debit Card for purchases and ATM cash withdrawals. We have a 24/7 FREE (to members) ATM in the entry of the credit union.

Click on the following links for a list of our current Fee Schedule.


Club or Special Savings Accounts

Members may open additional savings accounts in conjunction with their primary account. These accounts require a $25 minimum balance. Genesee Co-op FCU does pay dividends (interest) each quarter on club account when you maintain an average daily balance of $25 dollars or more. Click to see our current savings rates. Members have used these additional accounts for holiday gift savings, saving for a down payment for a home or auto, vacation savings, savings for children or for emergency purposes.


Peace Accounts

Peace AccountsSome members have requested that no dividends be paid on the savings they have here at Genesee Co-op FCU. There is no required minimum balance for this special club account. In the early years of our existence, we called these accounts "Military Tax Resister (MTR) accounts." We now call them Peace Accounts. This account helps support the credit union and our mission to serve the underserved and provide financial education as a community development financial institution (CDFI). To learn more about this, click here to go to About Us.


Share Certificates of Deposit

Our Share Certificate Accounts have a minimum balance requirement of $1500 to open and maintain the account but do permit members to add to the certificate in $500 deposits and permit $500 withdrawals as well. Share Certificates may be for 1 to 3 years and allows members to earn a higher dividend (interest) rate on their savings. Please click here to see current availability and rates.


Insurance and Investment Services

CUNA Mutual Group, a credit union-owned, non-profit insurance company, provides low and no-cost Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance, reasonably priced Life Insurance and other Insurance products.

CUNA Mutual Insurance Agency also provides Auto, Homeowners, and Renters Insurance.

Credit Disability Insurance and Single or Joint Life Insurance is available at very reasonable costs for all consumer loans.

MEMBERS Discount Brokerage Service offers investment options for Credit Union members, including stocks, mutual fund trading, mutual fund redemption, and more! Click here to be taken to our Insurance & Investments web page where you can then go to the CUNA Mutual website.

Our Members make the difference.

Member Since 1982

"I've been a member since the Credit Union was just Dave Knoll with a cardtable in the hallway of the old Genesee Coop on Saturday mornings. I've never been tempted to go anywhere else since that time, even though I now live thirty miles away. I like dealing with nice staff who know my name, who are eager to help, and who are dedicated to financial literacy and empowerment. Plus, it's good to know that my money is being used to invest in people rather than fill the pockets of the wealthiest.

In addition to savings and checking I've turned to the credit union for debit cards, line-of-credit, auto financing, on-line banking, and a home mortgage. I've now financed at least four cars through the credit union, and I've successfully encouraged friends to do the same.

One of my boldest statements ever in the face of raw financial power was when the car dealer required me to sit through a presentation on their financing. My response: "I'm a loyal credit union member, and I'll stick with it even if you offer me zero percent. If I ever get in trouble, the Credit Union will help me work it out, but you guys'll just send the collection agent after me." The guy just gulped and that was that.


And I don't want to forget to mention that as a Credit Union member I get to vote. Real democracy - awesome!

Genesee Co-op Federal Credit Union - it's the best deal in town!"

James Renfrew

LOST or STOLEN VISA Debit Card? Please call 1-888-241-2510.