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Genesee Co-op FCU offers:


Shared Branching

Use any one of a national network of 5,000 credit unions across the country to perform your financial transactions (including checks and money orders.)  No need to come into the Genesee Co-op when you can use the drive thru window at one of these locations to protect yourself and employees during the pandemic.

There are 27 branches in the area, but not all are open during the pandemic and almost all are operating drive-thru only, so check before you go.

Download the FREE Shared Branch Locator Mobile App everywhere you go! Or visit the Shared Branch Locator Website.

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Some nearby branches include:

The Summit FCU 2315 E. Main Street, Rochester
  1660 Monroe Ave in Brighton
Advantage FCU 225 West Broad St, Rochester
  1625 Mt. Hope Ave, Rochester

 *Please note Advantage FCU charges a fee for ATM transactions.

Secure Online Banking

Online Banking gives you 24/7 convenience to real-time account information and allows you to view account history, make transfers between accounts and make loan payments. Three months of E-Statements are also available for viewing. Click the blue "login now" button to access online banking now.


Mobile Banking

Bank whenever, wherever with our mobile app.

Our mobile app puts your GCFCU accounts within easy reach. Manage your accounts when it’s convenient for you—straight from your phone or tablet, wherever you live, work or travel. With our mobile app, you’ll be able to

  • view all your GCFCU accounts
  • make account transfers
  • check account history
  • transfer money
  • make mobile check deposits remotely from virtually anywhere
  • perform text banking transactions.

To download our mobile app and start saving time, miles and money today, search for Genesee Co-op Federal Credit Union in the App Store or Google Play store



Banking by Phone

24/7 Telephone Banking allows you to access to your account over the phone. Call 585-461-2230 and press "1".


Direct Deposit and Electronic Withdrawals

In today's world, more and more daily transactions are completed electronically rather than through using checks or making deposits and withdrawals in the CU. We want to ensure that anytime you want to set up direct deposit or any kinds of electronic withdrawals or payments that these are set up correctly the first time. If you unsure how to do this, please be sure to call us so we can help you do this. You can also follow the information below:

Electronic Payments or Deposits?

  • You will be asked for the R&T or ABA number of your CU: 222 383 385
  • You will usually be asked for your checking account number:
    • Your full 14-digit CHECKING account #: 10700000XXXXXY
      X=Your 4 or 5 digit account (sometimes referred to as your member#)       Y=Your Check Digit
    • This number is at the bottom of your checks or please call us and we can give you the information.

account (member) # = 1234, checking account = 10700000012348
account (member) #  = 23456, checking acount = 10700000234568

  • If you only have a Savings or want to deposit to your Savings:
    • Your SAVINGS # is: XXXXX     X=Your 4 or 5 digit account number (sometimes referred to as your member #)

If you need to sign up for direct deposit for federal benefits payments, you can do so at https://www.godirect.gov or Call the Go Direct® Customer Service — M - F 8 am to 8 pm ET (excluding federal holidays): for English - (800) 333-1795; Para Español - (800) 333-1792.


Domestic Wire Transfers

Members can both receive and send electronic domestic wire transfers to and from other financial institutions. See the Fee Schedule for the costs of this service. Please contact the CU if you wish to initiate a domestic wire transfer.


International Wire Transfers

Members can both receive and send electronic international wire transfers to and from other financial institutions. It is much cheaper if there is a US financial institution that can receive an international wire transfer. An international wire transfer is time-consuming and requires a great deal of information to successfully complete. See the Fee Schedule for the costs of this service. Please contact the CU if you wish to initiate an international wire transfer or if you are expecting to receive one.


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Our Members make the difference.

Member Since 1982

"I joined the credit union when they first opened on Monroe Avenue. I wanted to build an account with a financial institution. I saw that they were new and I was starting new - so I thought it would be a good start! They were nice and courteous people. After they moved to South Avenue I wanted to buy a new car and they helped me with that and I have taken out personal loans with them too. They're more personal, a bank doesn't know you from the next 500 people. I always recommend them to people. The credit union looks at the things happening in your life and works with you. They know that people don't fail because they are not working on their life. Sometimes things just happen. I would like to get my next mortgage through them. I love them, they just fit my needs."

Francine Keeton

LOST or STOLEN VISA Debit Card? Please call 1-888-241-2510.