Online Banking, Bill Pay, eStatements, & eNotices

General Online Banking & Mobile App Questions

How do I login the first time?

Click on "Online Banking Login" on our home page, click "Enroll" and then follow the instructions on the screen. You will need your full social or Tax ID Number, your member number, your birthdate, and an email address. This linked document has more information (will download a PDF).

Is my username and password the same for Online Banking & Mobile Banking?

Yes! It's the same for both, although you will need to re-verify with a one-time passcode to your email address before adding a new device. Click "Remember Device" to only have to re-verify on the device once every 90 days. Please do not click remember device on public or shared computers.

Can I download files to Quickbooks or other software?

Yes! You can download files in CSV, QBO, QFX, or OFX, file types. You can import these into your bookkeeping software. We do not currently offer a direct connection to Quickbooks Online or other online platforms but the goal is for that to be available by March of 2024.

What things can I do in Online/Mobile Banking that I couldn't before?

You can now apply for a loan and rename your accounts. You can also see any transfers that exist on our system (although if we create them you will not be able to edit them). We also will be able to see any transfers that you set up online--so we can help you with them more easily. 


What are eStatements?

eStatements are an electronic version of your statement. You can recieve eStatements by enrolling--if you enroll, you will no longer recieve paper statements. PLEASE NOTE: it is no longer possible to recieve both eStatements and Paper Statements. You can still access all of the other online banking features and see your transaction history. 

How many months of eStatements will be available?

3 months of historical eStatements will be added to this system. As we go ahead, you will be able to see up to 18 months of historical eStatements. Available statements will not go further back then July of 2023. Please contact us if you need older statements.

Bill Pay

Will my existing Bill Pay payees carry over? 

Yes! We are happy to note that your existing payees will carry over. Any payees and recurring payments will carry over unless they are direct ACH transfers (where you entered account information to transfer to a friend, for instance -- more info coming on this soon). Payments that are intended to issue anytime after September 28th at 4PM will issue on Monday, October 2nd, by the new provider.

Remote Deposit Capture

How will remote deposit capture work?

Remote deposit capture will be similar to before but easier to use. We will provide more information on this soon. 

Our Members make the difference.

Member Since 1982

"I've been a member since the Credit Union was just Dave Knoll with a cardtable in the hallway of the old Genesee Coop on Saturday mornings. I've never been tempted to go anywhere else since that time, even though I now live thirty miles away. I like dealing with nice staff who know my name, who are eager to help, and who are dedicated to financial literacy and empowerment. Plus, it's good to know that my money is being used to invest in people rather than fill the pockets of the wealthiest.

In addition to savings and checking I've turned to the credit union for debit cards, line-of-credit, auto financing, on-line banking, and a home mortgage. I've now financed at least four cars through the credit union, and I've successfully encouraged friends to do the same.

One of my boldest statements ever in the face of raw financial power was when the car dealer required me to sit through a presentation on their financing. My response: "I'm a loyal credit union member, and I'll stick with it even if you offer me zero percent. If I ever get in trouble, the Credit Union will help me work it out, but you guys'll just send the collection agent after me." The guy just gulped and that was that.


And I don't want to forget to mention that as a Credit Union member I get to vote. Real democracy - awesome!

Genesee Co-op Federal Credit Union - it's the best deal in town!"

James Renfrew

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