Online Banking Update

We will be changing to a new online banking system on September 24th at 10 AM. This new system will be active starting at September 24th @ 10AM. On September 24th you will need to access our website and create a new username and password using your account information and social security number. 

Important Information

  • BILL PAY WILL BE OFFLINE FROM SEPTEMBER 24TH @ 10AM TO SEPTEMBER 27TH. All previously created payments will be executed normally and all bill pay information will be saved, but you will not be able to login and create new payments during this time.
  • AUTOMATIC TRANSFERS: Any automatic transfers in online banking will need to be setup again. We can help you to do this if you have any problems.

New Features

  • Household accounts: you can now access multiple accounts you have access to with one username. 
  • View checks you have written on your account
  • Put Stop Payments on checks you have written directly through online banking

Instructions on Setting Up a New User

Click on the "online banking" button on the homepage and then click "create a new user."

Then on the next page enter the information in the boxes below. You will need to create a new username. This name must have letters and numbers--you will no longer use your account number.

On the next page answer the questions, and finally on the last page enter your phone number and email, as well as the password questions. The system will send you a text message or phone call and you will now be able to login using your new username and password!

Our Members make the difference.

Member Since 1982

"I joined the credit union when they first opened on Monroe Avenue. I wanted to build an account with a financial institution. I saw that they were new and I was starting new - so I thought it would be a good start! They were nice and courteous people. After they moved to South Avenue I wanted to buy a new car and they helped me with that and I have taken out personal loans with them too. They're more personal, a bank doesn't know you from the next 500 people. I always recommend them to people. The credit union looks at the things happening in your life and works with you. They know that people don't fail because they are not working on their life. Sometimes things just happen. I would like to get my next mortgage through them. I love them, they just fit my needs."

Francine Keeton

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