Savings Rates

Effective as of June 30th 2023 for Member Share/Savings Account:

0.25% APR/0.25% APY for accounts with an average daily balance of $25 or more. Dividends are paid quarterly.

We also offer a special incentive for members who receive their statements electronically thru online banking: 3.00% APR/3.01% APY is paid on the first $500 in this account. Click here to find out more about how to sign up.

Club or Special Savings Account:

0.25 APR/0.25% APY for accounts with an average daily balance of $25 or more. Dividends are paid quarterly.

Peace Account:

For members who do not want to earn dividends/interest on their savings at the credit union. This account pays no dividends.

APR = Annual Percentage Rate
APY = Annual Percentage Yield

Certificate Rates - Have INCREASED!

We Now Offer Share Certificates of Deposit. We only accept a limited amount of certificates. Inquire about the availability at the CU.  Minimum deposit and balance is $500 to open and maintain a share certificate.

Dividend Rate/Annual
Percentage Yield
Quarterly Dividends
1YEAR 2.500%/2.524%
2 YEAR 2.500%/2.524%
3 YEAR 2.500%/2.524%
Dividends Paid At Maturity
1 YEAR 2.500%/2.500%
2 YEAR 2.500%/2.500%
3 YEAR 2.500%/2.500%
Rates are indications only and are subject to change at any time.

The above rates are effective as of January 31st, 2024. 

Special Jumbo Certificate rates and terms are available for amounts over $100,000. Please inquire at the credit union.

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