Software Upgrade

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By signing up for eStatements or Bill Pay you will be registered to win. No purchase necessary - click the link for the full rules.

Software Upgrade Brochure (806.68 KB)

More information about the software upgrade.

How will this effect me the weekend of the upgrade?

Most services will be interrupted during this period - please plan ahead!

Debit cards will only partially available starting the morning of Friday September 1st. You will only be able to access $500 from your account each day until they are back online, most likely Sunday afternoon September 1st, but possibly as late as Monday morning at 9AM. 

Online and mobile banking will not be available from approximately 12PM (noon) on Saturday September 30th and will be up by 9AM on October 2nd at the latest. 

Bill Pay - payments should not be made after 5PM on Thursday, September 28th. No payments made after this time will be sent.

Shared Branching - Shared Branching will NOT be available from approximately noon on Saturday until 9AM Monday morning (no shared branching is typically open during this period).  

If I get a direct deposit on October 1, how can I access my funds?

If you get paid on October 1st, all funds will available September 29th as usual. You can come in to get cash or use your debit card over the weekend.

Will I be able to access my money during the conversion period?

The conversion period is planned for Saturday September 30th in the afternoon to Monday morning October 2nd. From the time we are down on Saturday September 30th to when debit cards come back online October 2nd, you will be able to access $500 per day in combined cash withdrawals and spending from your balances. If you need more than we encourage you to take it out in advance, write a check, or use a different card.

General Information

What is happening?

We will be converting to new software for all our systems externally and internally. For you, this means new and improved online banking, mobile banking, bill pay, remote deposit capture, and audio teller. For us it means the system will be easier to use so that we can provide better support and new products and services for you and all of our members. 

Why is the credit union changing systems?

We want to offer better service to you, our member-owners. Have you tried to sign into online banking or use bill pay lately? 

Okay, but how will this system benefit ME?

The new system will provide enhanced and streamlined experience. Upgrades include:

  • Improved Online & Mobile Banking and Bill Pay, including the ability to connect to your accounts at your billers like RGE and credit card companies. 
  • Spanish-language audio teller
  • Accessibility to more countries during international travel
  • Apple & Google Pay and tap-to-pay debit cards coming soon after the upgrade. Our old system did not have the necessary technology to allow these products
  • Ability to add additional services in the near future including: printing debit cards at the credit union, electronic transfer to other institutions, and more. 

How will online banking change?

  • You will now be able to see your last 18 months of online statements. (Starting with the last three months--it will increase to 18 months as we move ahead)
  • Online banking will be available in Spanish as well as English. 
  • You will be able to connect to your billers like RGE, cell phone companies and others to facilitate automatic bill pay.
  • Remote deposit capture (check deposit) will function more easily
  • You will be able to see and update your account names.
  • All transfers made both at the credit union and in online banking will be visible to you. 
  • You will be able to turn off your debit card in mobile and online banking if you misplace it or are leaving it at home when traveling (or for any other reason!)
  • PLEASE Note: No history will show upon initial login. It will build. 

What will I need to do to login to online banking?

As of September 30th, your access to online banking will go offline. You will need to create a new online banking login starting on Monday, October 1st. Your username and password will not carryover. Please visit the Online & Mobile Banking Page for more info.

Will my username and password I create also work for mobile?

Yes, when you create a new username and password it will work for mobile and online banking.

What will happen to the app?

You will need to download a new app which will be available starting Monday October 1st.

Debit Cards

Will my account number or debit card number change?

No, your account number will not change. Some suffixes may change, but the descriptions will remain the same. Debit cards will remain the same and checks will not need to be reordered.

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