About Genesee Co-op

Our Mission

Genesee Co-op Federal Credit Union provides a broad range of affordable, quality services to increase the financial skills and wealth of our member-owners. We are responsive to the needs of our community. We are committed to social inclusiveness. We are dedicated to responsible community development and education.

We serve individuals who live, work, worship, or attend school as well as businesses located in the following Rochester neighborhoods:

We also serve members of the following community organizations:

  • Corn Hill
  • Downtown
  • Ellwanger-Barry
  • Highland
  • Neighborhood of the Arts
  • Pearl-Meigs-Monroe
  • Plymouth-Exchange
  • South Wedge
  • Strong
  • Swillburg
  • Upper Monroe
  • Wadsworth Square
  • Amvets
  • Community Darkroom
  • Gay Alliance of Genesee Valley
  • Genesee Co-op Natural Foodstore (dba Abundance Cooperative Market)
  • Metro-Justice
  • 19th Ward Community Association
  • Open Sky Yoga
  • Rochester Friends Monthly Meeting
  • South East Area Coalition

Plus family members (by blood, marriage, domestic partnership, or adoption) of a Genesee Co-op FCU member.


More About Who We Are

On January 19, 1982 Genesee Co-op FCU accepted its first deposit, which we kept in a small cashbox. All our records were kept on paper ledgers, and we only offered share savings and very small loans.

Since that time, Genesee Co-op FCU has loaned more than $50 million to its member-owners to buy homes and cars, pay for education and start or expand businesses. Members use Genesee Co-op FCU for more than their daily financial needs. We have become a place for first opportunities and second chances. We have watched members rebuild or establish credit with our help and become successful homeowners as well as thriving business owners and entrepreneurs. Through the ongoing support of our members, Genesee Co-op FCU has been able to provide low-cost personal financial services and a level of friendliness and personal service that means we actually know our members and are committed to their financial well-being.

Over the years more than 7,100 accounts have been opened.  Today more than 3500 people are member-owners with total savings of over $20 million.  While your credit union has always been a locally-focused institution, members who have moved far away continue to use this place for their checking, savings, and borrowing needs.

The Board of Directors and staff of Genesee Co-op want to thank all of the volunteers and employees who have been a part of our financial cooperative and all the members who make it possible for us to be the Little Credit Union that CAN.

Genesee Co-op FCU is:

  • A Community Development Credit Union(CDCU) – that means we have a special designation because we serve a predominantly lower-income community. We are also committed to community development initiatives such as increasing affordable housing, assisting microenterprise and small businesses with services and loans, and providing financial counseling as a core part of our mission to serve our members. For more information on CDCU's, please visit http://www.cdcu.coop
  • A Community Development Financial Institution(CDFI) – that means we are recognized by the U.S. Department of the Treasury as a financial institution serving low and moderate income people and neighborhoods. Our designation as a CDCU helped us earn our recognition as a CDFI. For more information on CDFI's, please visit http://www.cdfifund.gov
  • A Financial Cooperative, Locally-Owned by its Members – that means we are part of the larger cooperative movement (food co-ops, worker co-ops, farm co-ops, housing co-ops, etc.). Our structure as a co-op means our members elect our board of directors who are responsible for the policies of the credit union. Our members OWN this financial institution! For more information on Co-ops, please visit http://www.ncba.coop

Our Members make the difference.

Member Since 1985

"I joined the credit union because my bank was starting to charge fees for different transactions and setting a minimum amount on how much you had to have in your account. I decided it was time to put my money where my mouth was and support local businesses. So, I opened a checking and saving account with the credit union. In 2004, I got a mortgage with them - which they helped me stay on top of when I was laid off for a short period. I have direct deposit there for work and I did open up a line of credit there many years ago; I don't use it often but it's nice to know it’s there in case I do need it. People at the credit union dress differently, they don't wear suits and they're down to earth. When I go there, it's friendly and welcoming. I like the brickwork and the fact that they have local artwork on the walls. Most of my friends already bank there."

Deb Muratore

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