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Ohmco Recording and Sound

Street Address:

143 S. Union St.
Rochester, NY 14607

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Established in 1998, Ohmco has over a decade of quality experience in audio video production, live sound event production and home and business A/V installation. Ohmco is an efficient and flexible company dedicated to providing our clients with creative, high quality, cost-effective services. Whether you need live sound engineering for your important event, custom A/V installation for your business and home, or studio quality recordings of your special project, Ohmco will be there with you from start to finish.

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Member Since 2007

Alina had a car loan with HSBC that was at 18.26% which we refinanced for her at the credit union at 8.25% after she made on time payments for one year.

"Basically what institutions like our CU does for 'underserved' people like me, is to put a little faith and trust in our financial life. And that is all we need in order to get out of our broken situation. Believing in the human ability to overcome any situation just by supporting them is enough.

We human beings have an extraordinary capacity or resilience to move on to the next level and then aim for a better future.

I am a true example of that ... A woman with such a bleak financial broken history and here there is a bank in a city where I never imagined myself living someday who put a little bit of that 'faith' in me. What a miracle!"

Alina Diaz

LOST or STOLEN VISA Debit Card? Please call 1-888-241-2510.