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Sacred Life Ayurveda

Street Address:

152 W. Commercial St.
East Rochester, NY 14445

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Sacred Life Ayurveda provides holistic health care following the practical philosophy of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a universal medicine that sees each person as a unique individual and aims to treat the person as a whole being and not just the symptoms. It is a necessity for anyone looking to prevent disease, live a life in balance and age with grace and dignity.

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Alison is credited with inspiring the founder of Genesee Co-op FCU, David Knoll, to become an organizer of the credit union. According to David, "Alison said to me 'You need to start a credit union!' With the information and contacts she provided me, I worked to get Genesee Co-op FCU going." THANK YOU ALISON!!

"I was an early joiner. I'm supporting what I believe."

Alison Clarke

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