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Sacred Life Ayurveda

Street Address:

152 W. Commercial St.
East Rochester, NY 14445

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Sacred Life Ayurveda provides holistic health care following the practical philosophy of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a universal medicine that sees each person as a unique individual and aims to treat the person as a whole being and not just the symptoms. It is a necessity for anyone looking to prevent disease, live a life in balance and age with grace and dignity.

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Member Since 2004

"What has the CU done for and meant to me? How about warmth and security? When I joined I felt, and still feel, that the diversity of the neighborhood is well represented both by the CU's members and its employees. As welcoming as the staff is, I had no problem following when the building on Gregory St became its new home. The loyalty I felt to Genesee Co-op FCU at that time has been validated by an incident in May 2009. One of my checks was presented to the teller, unsigned, for a large amount. When that individual came back with same check supposedly signed by me, the CU refused to cash it, because the staff recognized the signature as forged. I got to see how the sense of kinship the CU propagates, plays out in order to safeguard its members. Thank you, team."

Merrie Camp

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